Friday, June 7, 2013

Hello Kitty!

When I purchased the Born Pretty Store $20 gift card for my last giveaway (see what Kat bought with her win!), I also ordered a couple of things for myself. It was around the time that they redesigned their site and they were sending a free gift with every purchase. My free gift was Hello Kitty nail stickers. I can't find them on the Born Pretty Store site, though, so I can't link you to them.

I didn't want my fingers to look too busy so I showed restraint and used just two stickers per hand.

I wanted the stickers to be the main focus so I went with a subtle design. I used Something Sweet (China Glaze) and Dance Party Pink (Confetti) to do dots and stripes.

The stickers were super simple to apply. Just peel them and stick them. Top coated with Out the Door. My striping tape got some black fuzzy stuff on it. Boo :(

Use code KARW10 to get 10% off your order from Born Pretty Store! They have free worldwide shipping!


  1. Sooo cute, looks beautiful with just few stickers.

  2. Super cute mani. I love Hello Kitty! I am going to have to do another Hello Kitty mani soon. :)