Friday, May 24, 2013

LA Colors Tropical Set

While I was at Family Dollar picking up some lotion, I came across a set of 6 polishes from LA Colors called "Tropical" for $5. I have to thank my boyfriend for this because I wouldn't have noticed it at all if he hadn't pointed it out. I have no idea if these are new or old, just new to me! None of the polishes have names but they are super fun neons! All photos below show each color with white underwear on my ring and pinky fingers but alone on my index and middle fingers unless otherwise stated. They all have NYC Grand Central Station as a top coat.

The Orange One

The Pink One

The Highlighter Marker One

This one absolutely needs white underwear. If you apply it without (not pictured), it just looks like really nasty stained nails.

The Green One

Still a few streaks left on the underwear-less nails after three coats.

The Blue One

This blue is very pigmented. It's almost a one coater. The white underwear was totally unnecessary! There was some very slight staining with this one.

The Purple One

The first coat of this one tricks you. It comes out so incredibly streaky that you think it's hopeless. The second coat fixes most of it and it's perfect by the third coat.

I'm glad I picked this set up. I like that they look good with or without white underwear with the obvious exception of the highlighter one. I think I actually prefer the purple one without underwear. They were all easy to work with. $5 for 6 fun polishes? Awesome!

Have you seen or own this set?