Tuesday, May 7, 2013

China Glaze In the Rough

While out recently, I picked up one of the China Glaze Texture polishes: In the Rough.

I'm a fan of the color and final look but I wasn't a fan of the application. Did any of you out there ever watch You Can't Do That on Television? I loved that show as a child. I didn't have cable while living with my dad (we lived up on a hill and nobody wanted to run cable up to it) but I was able to watch it when I visited my mom. I taped one episode of it and took it home to my dad's and watched it over and over, lol. Anyway! In the Rough really reminds me of getting slimed! My boyfriend says it looks like a tennis ball to him. Either way, I like it!

Application of In the Rough wasn't as pleasant as JulieG Frosted Gumdrops. It tended to pool in places and I had to do a lot of cleanup. Cleaning it up wasn't easy either. Dry time was slower than with Frosted Gumdrops.

What do you think?


  1. this colour is the best texture ever <3

  2. I haven't tried any texture polishes yet because alaska seems to get it's products laaaaaaate. But I'm going to try down to Sallys today and see if I can't find myself these because I really want to try them. That green does look like a tennis ball and it looks ah-maze-balls