Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Born Pretty Store Giveaway Winner!

Congrats to Katrina D for winning the $20 Born Pretty Store (which just got an awesome makeover) giveaway! She has replied to the email so the giveaway is officially over!

Some "tell me anything" stories:
Your blog name is how I live my life, haha

My favorite color is yellow.
It's not my favorite color but I LOVE yellow nail polish. Poor yellow polish rarely gets love :(

I used to be a nail biter before turning to the polish world!
Good for you! I've never been a nail biter but I can see how polishing them up all pretty would deter from biting!

I am addicted to giveaways :(
Oh no. I'm sorry for contributing.

I am so excited for Arrested Development to be back! Two-ish weeks!
ME TOO! I can't wait!

Thank you for the chance! I really love Born Pretty Store <3
Born Pretty Store is pretty awesome. It's like an online candy store for nail art addicts.

I have six rats who are like my kids, I take care of them and love them with all of my heart. One of them is old and needs extra food, so I give him baby food twice a day. He loves it!
How sweet! I bet they're adorable.

Thanks for entering and leaving comments!

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