Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sally Hansen Black Diamonds

I was going through my bins of nail polish hoping I would get inspired and I guess I sort of did! I picked up my bottle of Sally Hansen Black Diamonds and thought 'Why not recreate the bottle?'!

Black Diamonds is a black polish with very fine micro glitter. This is one of the first polishes I bought when I decided to get out of my comfort zone of burgundy colors.

I used a rhinestone that came from a nail art set my sister Shannon got me for Christmas. It came with 20 round rhinestones and 20 heart-shaped rhinestones. This is my first time using them. I quite like them!

I wonder if I can keep the same manicure on long enough for the rhinestone to fall off or until I pick it off.


  1. I love the rhinestone, it gives your mani the perfect amount of bling.

  2. what a perfect match! :) love it :)