Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Giveaway Winner Announcement

Congratulations to Jeanette D! She has already claimed her prize so that concludes this giveaway. Thank you all for entering!

Here, I will respond to some of the "Tell me anything!" entries.

"I HAVE SIZE 5 FEET" Me too!
"I'm pregnant with my 2nd boy :)" Awww, congrats!!
"I'm a Gemini :)" Cool, I'm a Leo!
"I love nail polish and can't seem to get enough. I started collecting last year and already at almost 400 bottles of polish" Whoa! I haven't hit 200 yet.
"awesome blog :)" Thank you!!
"I just love my nails all jazzed up, but why is it I'm guaranteed to break one before going out somewhere special? GRRRR" That seems to be the way the world works!
"I just started with nailart and I'm addicted!!! :D" Same here!
"Love your never nude nails!" Thanks!
"Hope everything goes well for you in life :)" That is so sweet. I hope the same for you!
"I absolutely love your spring flower nails :)" Thank you! They're a favorite of mine.
"I love nail polish as much as I loved Crayolas as a kid! LOL" Haha! I guess nail polish IS like crayons for us non-kids!!
"I love my Doberman :) He thinks he is a 75lbs lap dog." LOL! That's cute!
"I have over 800 bottles!!!!" Jealous.
"I'm afraid of small dead fish!" o_O Sorry.

I feel like a big failure at being a blogger lately. I apologize. Still waiting for that one nail to be presentable. I guess this is what happens when you blog in real-time, lol. I have some great nail things on their way to me that I'm excited about. Grow, nail, grow!

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