Saturday, March 23, 2013

My Walmart

I know I'm always complaining about my local Walmart but maybe this will help you understand why. I took pictures of entire nail polish selection at my Walmart like Tes did. Are you ready?

Here's the Revlon section. It's small but doesn't look bad.

The L'Oreal section. It's always this bare.

Rimmel London
The Rimmel London section. This is actually newer! Yay!

The NYC section. They had actually added Grand Central Station and Matte Me Crazy since the last time I had been been there. That was a pleasant surprise.

The CoverGirl section. It's fine.

The Maybelline section.

Sally Hansen & Pure Ice
This section has Sally Hansen and Pure Ice stuff. There's also some random Nicole by OPI down there on the bottom. That Pure Ice shelf has been broken for as long as I can remember.

So there it is! No Essie, Sinful Colors, Hard Candy, Flower Beauty, etc. None of the stores here have limited edition or seasonal releases of polishes. It's pretty frustrating!

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