Friday, March 8, 2013

I Only Eat Salads vs Wild Thing

I have a weakness for lime greens. I don't even know why. I don't wear lime green clothing at all, just nail polish. I've had Wild Thing by Pure Ice for quite a while. I recently went to CVS and saw I Only Eat Salads by Spoiled and it was a no brainer.

I didn't realize how similar to Wild Thing it was until I got home.

Here's a comparison of brushes. Spoiled has a thicker, rounded brush while Pure Ice has a skinny brush. Normally, I prefer the thinner brushes because of my small nail beds but Spoiled's brush is just right for me! So, how do they compare on the nail? Shown below is two coats of each polish on alternating nails.

I Only Eat Salads is ever so slightly darker than Wild Thing. My fiance actually noticed the difference in them before I did. He has a better polish eye than I! There you go. Not exactly dupes but very close.


  1. i like both, but for some reason the lighter one stands out more to me :D