Monday, March 18, 2013

I can't even do messy right!

Did everyone enjoy their St. Patrick's Day, uh, weekend? I didn't do anything. I don't drink at all but you'd think I was drunk when I attempted to do this splatter manicure.

Oh dear. I started with a base of Black on Black (Sinful Colors) and then used a coffee straw to blow Through the Grapevine (Wet n Wild), On a Trip (Wet n Wild) and I Need a Refresh-Mint (Wet n Wild) on. This is so so so bad. It's way too thick in spots, looks like I just smeared polish on, there's bubbles everywhere, and dog hair stuck on my pinky nail (Indiana's always trying to help me, lol). Yuck! This came off as soon as I snapped this picture.

By the way, I've edited my giveaway to include following via Bloglovin'. That part isn't mandatory but you can get 10 entries for doing it!


  1. I love the mess! When I tried splatter, I had polish everywhere except for the nails. Including my shoes.Then, I blew too hard so the polish had deep indentations when it finally hit the nail.

  2. It looks like you may have used too big of a straw. I bought some coffee stirrer straws to try. It's not too bad though. =)