Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Glitter and Glue Sandwich

I'm sure you're all aware of the trick of applying PVA glue to your nails before adding glitter so that you have easier removal. I just had to try it. I emptied a bottle of crap-o NYC extra shiny top coat (I used to use this and hairline cracks would appear all over my nails by the next day) and cleaned it out with a bit of acetone, let it dry out and squeezed some Elmer's school glue into it.

There's my super fancy glue bottle. I applied it and waited and waited for it to dry. Maybe I put it on too thick? It seemed to take forever. After it was dry, I chose to put Visually Slimming by Spoiled and Pet My Peacock by Spoiled on.

These are my first Spoiled polishes, by the way. I picked Visually Slimming because I wanted to try another black polish. It went on pretty thin which was actually cool for me! I didn't have a thin black polish before so I decided to take advantage of it by doing yet another glitter sandwich instead of just glitter on the top.

Pet My Peacock is so pretty, I think. It didn't give the glitter payoff that I was expecting though. There were a few times when I actually ended up with no glitter on a nail!

I think it turned out nice though. Now, onto the glue test! I'll put it under the cut in case you don't want to see peeled off polish and a naked thumbnail.

It peeled off like this!

This is my thumbnail after peeling it off. I'm pretty impressed! No glitter cleanup at all!

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