Thursday, March 28, 2013

Comparison: Browns

This post was something I had saved up for when I'm desperate and needed a post. I have a gnarly hangnail at the moment so I'm pampering my hands until it heals more.

I have three brown polishes in my stash so I thought I'd compare them.

Matte Nirvana (Sinful Colors), Smoky Brown (e.l.f.) and Park Ave (NYC)

Two coats of each polish.

Smoky Brown by e.l.f. is a very dark brown. It was completely opaque in one coat. No color difference after adding the second coat. My only complaint about Smoky Brown was the brush. It was way floppy and awkward.

Matte Nirvana by Sinful Colors is not matte. I don't know why it's called matte? Anyway, you can see there's some baldness near my cuticle. Eh.

Park Ave by NYC was rather watery and also has baldness near my cuticle. Could definitely have used a third coat.

None of them are dupes of each other and they're all about the same price anyway. Sinful Colors and NYC are easier to come by for me though since I've yet to run into e.l.f. polishes in a store. I have to order them online.

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