Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone is having a happy Easter!

Here's my Easter egg nails. I used White on White (China Glaze), Sweet Lavender (Rimmel London), I Lilac You (Rimmel London), Mintilicious (Rimmel London), and Daisy (LA Colors). Not the best Easter nails I've ever seen (there's some really beautiful ones by some talented people out there!) but I had a major headache while I was doing these last night. Took the picture today while I'm nauseous. The good news is that my hangnail is no longer bloody and I didn't have to 'shop it out.

My sister's dogs have once again dressed for the holiday! Go check them out!

I'm going to crawl back into bed now. Happy Easter!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Louvre This Pink

I received Louvre This Pink by FingerPaints in the February Nail Art Society bag. I decided to finally try it since Sally Beauty Supply is having a sale on FingerPaints nail polish and I wanted to see if I like what I had by the brand before buying more.

This is two coats of Louvre This Pink. The formula was great and it applied well. I think I need a different kind of bulb in my lamp because it does not look like that color in real life. It's actually very bright and colorful! I louvre this pink, haha!

There's also just one picture because I had a rough time photoshopping my bloody hangnail out of this one! Can you tell which finger it's on? I hope it heals enough to not ruin my upcoming Easter nails. Bah!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Comparison: Browns

This post was something I had saved up for when I'm desperate and needed a post. I have a gnarly hangnail at the moment so I'm pampering my hands until it heals more.

I have three brown polishes in my stash so I thought I'd compare them.

Matte Nirvana (Sinful Colors), Smoky Brown (e.l.f.) and Park Ave (NYC)

Two coats of each polish.

Smoky Brown by e.l.f. is a very dark brown. It was completely opaque in one coat. No color difference after adding the second coat. My only complaint about Smoky Brown was the brush. It was way floppy and awkward.

Matte Nirvana by Sinful Colors is not matte. I don't know why it's called matte? Anyway, you can see there's some baldness near my cuticle. Eh.

Park Ave by NYC was rather watery and also has baldness near my cuticle. Could definitely have used a third coat.

None of them are dupes of each other and they're all about the same price anyway. Sinful Colors and NYC are easier to come by for me though since I've yet to run into e.l.f. polishes in a store. I have to order them online.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Giveaway Winner Announcement

Tammy D. won the OPI Mariah Carey Liquid Sand mini set! She has already replied so that giveaway is officially over.

According to the answers in the giveaway widget, a lot of you don't like 3D embellishments, caviar nails, flocking powder, stiletto nails, stamping, and water marble. I was most shocked by the water marble answers! I love the way they look but have not mastered it myself. I tried it once when I was doing my Owl Skittles and it was an absolute disaster. I gave up and put the gradient on my thumb instead of a water marble.

On the other hand, some of your favorite nail art trends are gradients, glitter, dots, freehand art, tape, stamping, and water marble. Hehe!

I have another giveaway that will start next week so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Wait Teal You See Brush Gradient

I did this fan brush gradient with the colors in the China Glaze Wait Teal You See ombre kit which consisted of White on White, For Audrey, Aquadelic, and Turned Up Turquoise. There are four colors there, I promise. For Audrey and Aquadelic were so close in color that you couldn't really tell them apart in this.

There's ONE DAY LEFT in my OPI Mariah Carey Liquid Sand giveaway!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

My Walmart

I know I'm always complaining about my local Walmart but maybe this will help you understand why. I took pictures of entire nail polish selection at my Walmart like Tes did. Are you ready?

Here's the Revlon section. It's small but doesn't look bad.

The L'Oreal section. It's always this bare.

Rimmel London
The Rimmel London section. This is actually newer! Yay!

The NYC section. They had actually added Grand Central Station and Matte Me Crazy since the last time I had been been there. That was a pleasant surprise.

The CoverGirl section. It's fine.

The Maybelline section.

Sally Hansen & Pure Ice
This section has Sally Hansen and Pure Ice stuff. There's also some random Nicole by OPI down there on the bottom. That Pure Ice shelf has been broken for as long as I can remember.

So there it is! No Essie, Sinful Colors, Hard Candy, Flower Beauty, etc. None of the stores here have limited edition or seasonal releases of polishes. It's pretty frustrating!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Orly Androgynie

Last year, I bought my first Orly's through HauteLook (affiliate link). I went with the Holiday Soiree and Electronica mini sets as an introductory to the brand. I was really exited to try Androgynie from Holiday Soiree because it looked so beautiful in the bottle. The first time I put it on, I was a little let down because nothing in the bottle translated well to my nails. I googled around a bit and saw that people sat their bottles of Androgynie upside down for a while before applying. So... my mini bottle of Androgynie sat upside down for a month before I re-swatched it.

It's pretty, no doubt, but still not quite enough of those beautiful glitters made it onto my nails.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Creative Blogger Award

ReNu has given me the Creative Blogger Award! What an honor :)

The Rules

  • Thank the blogger and link back the blog
  • Tell 3 things about yourself
  • Tell 2 things people don't know about you
  • Tell 1 thing you want to change about yourself
  • Answer the questions asked by the tagger
  • Nominate this award deserving blogs
  • Ask some questions to the bloggers who got nominated
  • Inform the bloggers about their award
Three things about myself:
1. I kept two baby ducks, named George and Gracie (after George Burns and Gracie Allen), in my bedroom for a few weeks. I was given one as an Easter gift from a friend and I was scared I would get in trouble with my mom and stepdad. But that same day, my stepdad came home with a couple of grown ducks! What are the odds? My stepdad went out and got another baby duck to keep my baby duck company. Seriously, my stepdad is awesome! The full grown ducks kept picking on them which is why they stayed in my room for a while. I tought them to swim in the bathtub and took them on "field trips" to the creek everyday. They followed me down to the creek and back to the house. It was so sad when I had to leave them outside for good with the other grown ducks. Eventually, Gracie laid eggs right outside my window. She inexplicably died and another duck, one of the ducks that used to pick on her when she was little, adopted her babies.

2. While living with my dad, we had a rabbit named Patches in the house. It was litter trained. Oh hey, we also had ducks at my dad's house, lol. We started out with three and then we woke up one morning to 20+ wild ducks that decided to move in as well.

3. The pond that we had for the ducks at my dad's house had fish in it. There was a bass in there that we called Flipper. It would eat from our hands and nibble on our toes when we'd sit on the dock with our feet in the water ♥

I did not intend to make all of them pet related. Oops!

Two things people don't know about me:
1. When I was little, I was always told that Jesus is everywhere, in everything. There was this big beautiful tree beside the driveway where I lived that I would knock on and "talk to Jesus." My family has since moved out of that house and the new owners chopped the tree down. Makes me sad.

2. I have bouts of sleep paralysis. It's terrifying.

One thing I'd like to change about myself:
I wish I could be more outgoing and not so shy.

Time for ReNu's questions!

1. If the world were to end tomorrow and you could survive, pick one beauty product you would salvage.
Does chapstick count? I can't live without it.

2. Which is the one colour you wouldn't colour your hair? (All answers permitted except for white or grey, haha)
I'd color my hair any color, really! Here's my multi-colored hair from 2001:

My fiance and his friends did this to my hair. After that, it was pink and purple stripes but I didn't get a picture of it. Actually, I guess I wouldn't go blonde.

3. Have you ever had a make-up disaster/faux-pas? If yes, what was it?
I used brown eyeliner on my lips for years. Pretty sure I'm sportin' it in the picture above. Or the time I let a friend pluck my eyebrows. I'm so glad they grew back.

4. Which is your favourite nail polish (make and shade) ever?
Ruby Pumps by China Glaze. It was my first China Glaze polish. I bought it because I'm obsessed with Wizard of Oz and Dorothy's ruby slippers are ICONIC.

Well, now that I've made it perfectly clear that I'm CRAZY...

My nominees:

Questions for my nominees:
1. Do you have any pets?
2. What is your favorite brand of nail polish?
3. Have you ever had a professional manicure done?
4. What keeps you blogging?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Grape Expectations + Fairy Dust

My nails are even shorter than usual. I figured that if I got rid of the "problem area," it wouldn't spread. I'm talking about my ring finger on my left hand. The nail was brittle and peeling at the tip. I clipped them all. So far, so good. It isn't peeling anymore, lol! The remaining nail is in good shape. I also made my own oil to massage into my nails and cuticles. It's olive oil and jojoba oil. ReNu has a great recipe for cuticle oil but I went with what I could find quickly and instead of using a dropper, I put it in an empty polish bottle so I can brush it on. The jojoba oil was most important to me and I found some for a good price on Dessert Essence Pure Jojoba Oil. After massaging that in, I rub a Vitamin E stick on and around my nails and massage some more! I need to purchase a new bottle of Vitamin E oil so I can just add that directly to my mix.

Today, I used China Glaze Grape Expectations ombre kit. I only used three of the colors: Sweet Hook, Spontaneous, and Grape Pop. Someday, I WILL use all four colors!

I couldn't leave well enough alone and added Fairy Dust to it.

These pictures were also taken in my brand new homemade lightbox! Woo! I can't tell much of a difference yet though.

This is how I do my gradients. I paint them directly on the cosmetic wedge. Just in case you're wondering! I've had the most success with this method.

Monday, March 18, 2013

I can't even do messy right!

Did everyone enjoy their St. Patrick's Day, uh, weekend? I didn't do anything. I don't drink at all but you'd think I was drunk when I attempted to do this splatter manicure.

Oh dear. I started with a base of Black on Black (Sinful Colors) and then used a coffee straw to blow Through the Grapevine (Wet n Wild), On a Trip (Wet n Wild) and I Need a Refresh-Mint (Wet n Wild) on. This is so so so bad. It's way too thick in spots, looks like I just smeared polish on, there's bubbles everywhere, and dog hair stuck on my pinky nail (Indiana's always trying to help me, lol). Yuck! This came off as soon as I snapped this picture.

By the way, I've edited my giveaway to include following via Bloglovin'. That part isn't mandatory but you can get 10 entries for doing it!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Pot of Gold

Here's some St. Patrick's Day nails!

I started with a base of Toad-ally Amazing (Spoiled) on all fingers.

I painted the pot on my thumb with black acrylic paint. Then added some Bold Gold (Maybelline), All About You (Sinful Colors) and then stuck lots of gold glequins from Born Pretty Store and little square gold craft glitters for the gold in my pot of gold.

For the rest of the fingers, I used green glequins from Born Pretty Store and green striping tape to make some shamrocks. Then stuck some more gold glequins and gold square glitters randomly on each nail. My shamrocks are kind of wonky.

My sister's dogs really know how to celebrate the holidays! Here's permanent resident Pauley and his foster sister Sherry ready for St. Patrick's Day:

Sherry (adoptable!)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Nail Art Society March Bag

My March bag from Nail Art Society arrived yesterday! I took advantage of the $10 off deal from Pure Ice so that I could get a Nail Art Society bag for $9.95 per month. This is my second bag. I was worried that it wasn't coming this month since I never received a tracking number so it was a nice surprise and a relief when it showed up. It was addressed to the wrong person though, hmm. I wonder if Elizabeth G. got my name on hers.

I'm a bit disappointed that there's no actual nail polish this month. But at the same time, I'm happy to get some nail art supplies that I wouldn't necessarily buy myself. There's polish strips from Nail Fraud in my least favorite pattern ever! I don't know what it is about houndstooth but I hate it. Always have. There are four pots of nail decorations: bubbles, caviar beads, purple flowers, and apples! Also, some 3D flowers by Stella that remind me of cake decorations. I'm most excited about the bubbles and apples.

I'll be trying out some of these things soon!

About this Google Reader business... I don't know what it means for Google Friend Connect (hopefully, NOTHING) but just in case, check out and sign this petition urging Google not to kill Google Reader. There are over 85,000 signatures as of my writing this up. I don't know about you but the way Google kills off services does not help my confidence in using their services. Why start using it if they're going to kill it off randomly? Not cool. You can follow my blog using Bloglovin' and Hellocotton under "other ways to follow" on my sidebar.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hard Candy: Black Tie Optional

This is the last of the new Hard Candy polishes that I'm swatching. It's Black Tie Optional from the Crystal Confetti line and I think it's a winner!

This is one coat of Black Tie Optional over two coats of Pelican Gray by China Glaze. It applied really well with minimal amounts of dabbing to get glitters in place. I absolutely love the different sizes and shapes of black and white matte glitters.

It's a keeper! I will be holding a giveaway for five of the Candy Sprinkles polishes shortly after my current giveaway ends so keep an eye out for that!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hard Candy: Cocoa Smore & Sweet Tooth

I'm back with more Hard Candy swatches. This time from the Candy Sprinkles line. First up is Cocoa Smore.

Cocoa Smore can best be described as refried beans overloaded with salt and pepper. I didn't like it as much as I thought I would. This is three coats of Cocoa Smore with two coats of top coat.

Next up is Sweet Tooth.

This is three coats of Sweet Tooth with two coats of top coat. I probably should have put a fourth coat on since I can still see my nail through it.

I think there's *GASP* too much glitter! I know, blasphemy! I just couldn't get it looking clean enough and that bugs me.

Maybe these would be better with underwear? I don't know. I have 5 more Candy Sprinkles I haven't swatched but I will most likely put those in a giveaway as I'm already convinced these are just not for me.

On the up side, they both dried very quickly!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hard Candy: Crush On Lava

I mentioned the other day that I bought 9 of the new Hard Candy polishes. Eek! Here's the first swatch of the batch: Crush On Lava.

This is three coats of Crush On Lava with NYC Grand Central Station filling in as a top coat. Crush On Lava is part of the Crushed Chromes line of polishes. I've heard it's the same as their discontinued Beetle but I can't confirm since I didn't get to buy it before it went bye-bye.

There were no application issues. Went on like a breeze. I did run into trouble trying to capture the duo-chromy-ness of the polish. It was much prettier in person!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Versatile Blogger Award

The lovely ReNu has nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award! This is a first for me :)

The rules are:
Thank the person who gave you this award. Thank you, ReNu!
Include a link to their blog. I have twice but I will again: My Beauty Junction :)
Nominate 15 blogs/bloggers you've recently discovered and follow regularly. That will be below!
Tell 7 things about myself. Oh dear...

7 facts about me: 
  1. I'm rather short at 5'1" and absolutely cannot wear heels. I can't even pretend to be taller.
  2. I go to therapy every other week to deal with depression and anxiety.
  3. I love researching genealogy. My background includes mostly Irish and German but I also have Gypsy ancestry.
  4. I used to run a few websites before this nail blog. A couple personal ones (way back in the late '90s/early '00s) and a website for Ethan and Theresa from Passions.
  5. I was on the dance team in high school. I was also on the volleyball team but quit after one game, lol.
  6. I developed an intense fear of tornadoes on March 2, 2012 after a tornado outbreak wreaked havoc on my homestate of Kentucky.
  7. I had a really bad year when I was 7 years old. I had an accident on my bicycle that broke a bunch of my teeth and required me to have stitches inside my mouth and on my chin. The same year, I broke my arm pushing tricycle up a hill. Yep. Since I was born on 7/27, I was convinced I'd also have a really bad year when I was 27 but that passed without incident. Ironically, I consider 7 and 27 my lucky numbers.

My 15 blog/blogger nominations:
  1. Galorious
  2. Polish, Plants & More
  3. A Polished Prance
  4. Economy Nails
  5. Not Ur Momma's Nails
  6. Budget Beauty Blog
  7. Drama Queen Nails
  8. Jamegackie
  9. Just Skin, Bones, and Nails
  10. Naileymabob
  11. Norma's Nails
  12. Kerruticles
  13. LaLaLa Lacquer
  14. Put Some Polish On It
  15. Love For Nail Art

Whew! Thanks again, ReNu!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Chameleon Stampede's Blogaversary Contest

Hey y'all! I entered Chameleon Stampede's Blogaversary Contest and voting is live!

I entered my Black, White and Pink skittles into the contest.

Voting ends March 20, 2013 at 11:59pm. There are some great entries on there! I already cast my vote so go vote for your favorite!

By the way, those China Glaze ombre kits are selling out like crazy! The only one in stock online right now is the purple Grape Expectations. I stopped by Sally Beauty Supply yesterday after the birthday party and they had just one Grape Expectations left in their store, too.  Firstly, wow, they're popular! Secondly, why aren't people buying Grape Expectations?

I left Sally's empty handed. Why? I went to the Walmart next door to Sally's first and finally found the new Hard Candy polishes. I bought 9 of them. Ouch. Between that and buying some giveaway stuff (current giveaway and more for a future one), I spent too much already this month. I'm officially on a no-buy for at least the rest of the month!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I'm going to a little boy's birthday pizza party today. He happens to be obsessed with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles so I put them on my nails!

The green base is High Line Green (NYC). I used Sunny Side Up (Wet N Wild) for Michelangelo, Brisk Blue (Sally Hansen) for Leonardo, Rapid Red (Sally Hansen) for Raphael, and On a Trip (Wet N Wild) for Donatello. Eyes were done with Snow Me White (Sinful Colors) and Black Lace Creme (NYC). The lines are not as crisp as I hoped they would be. They look fine from a normal distance though.

For the pizza, I used Unicorn (Sinful Colors), Let's Meet (Sinful Colors), Shock (LA Colors), and Rapid Red for the pepperoni. I love how the pizza turned out.

I'm off to party! Don't forget to enter my OPI Mariah Carey Liquid Sand giveaway!

Friday, March 8, 2013

I Only Eat Salads vs Wild Thing

I have a weakness for lime greens. I don't even know why. I don't wear lime green clothing at all, just nail polish. I've had Wild Thing by Pure Ice for quite a while. I recently went to CVS and saw I Only Eat Salads by Spoiled and it was a no brainer.

I didn't realize how similar to Wild Thing it was until I got home.

Here's a comparison of brushes. Spoiled has a thicker, rounded brush while Pure Ice has a skinny brush. Normally, I prefer the thinner brushes because of my small nail beds but Spoiled's brush is just right for me! So, how do they compare on the nail? Shown below is two coats of each polish on alternating nails.

I Only Eat Salads is ever so slightly darker than Wild Thing. My fiance actually noticed the difference in them before I did. He has a better polish eye than I! There you go. Not exactly dupes but very close.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Black Mamba Only Eats Salads

My fiance picked Black Mamba by Spoiled out when we went shopping the other day. I quite like it! It looks like graphite to me.

The perfect pencil lead look. Here's a warning for you: don't ever google image search "black mamba" even with "spoiled" added in there. Ewwwwwwwww.

I also bought these X-ACTO decorative edge scissors pack on the cheap at Walmart (like $5). They don't have these at my Walmart, boo. I used the short wave design and masking tape to put I Only Eat Salads by Spoiled on the tips.

Simple and fun!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Glitter and Glue Sandwich

I'm sure you're all aware of the trick of applying PVA glue to your nails before adding glitter so that you have easier removal. I just had to try it. I emptied a bottle of crap-o NYC extra shiny top coat (I used to use this and hairline cracks would appear all over my nails by the next day) and cleaned it out with a bit of acetone, let it dry out and squeezed some Elmer's school glue into it.

There's my super fancy glue bottle. I applied it and waited and waited for it to dry. Maybe I put it on too thick? It seemed to take forever. After it was dry, I chose to put Visually Slimming by Spoiled and Pet My Peacock by Spoiled on.

These are my first Spoiled polishes, by the way. I picked Visually Slimming because I wanted to try another black polish. It went on pretty thin which was actually cool for me! I didn't have a thin black polish before so I decided to take advantage of it by doing yet another glitter sandwich instead of just glitter on the top.

Pet My Peacock is so pretty, I think. It didn't give the glitter payoff that I was expecting though. There were a few times when I actually ended up with no glitter on a nail!

I think it turned out nice though. Now, onto the glue test! I'll put it under the cut in case you don't want to see peeled off polish and a naked thumbnail.