Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sinful Colors Bali Mist

I saw this polish in the store a few times and passed right over it because it didn't look too appealing. Something about the looks of it in the bottle screamed "Grandma!" (no offense to Grandmas, people that have Grandmas or know a Grandma... Grandmas are awesome) to me. Then, I saw Amanda's post where she layered it over a dark color and everything changed.

Look at all the colors that show up! This is two coats of Bali Mist by Sinful Colors over Black Lace Creme by NYC with one coat of Out the Door top coat. More pictures to show the colors:


  1. Ooooh! It looks like galaxy nails depending on how the light hits your manicure! This is amazing!

  2. Thank you! It does look more like galaxy nails than when I actually tried to do galaxy nails, haha!