Saturday, February 16, 2013

I Won a Giveaway!

I've been feeling a bit icky so I haven't done my nails since my Valentine's nails. I received some mail today that perked me right up. Giveaway winnings!

Lace & Lacquers and Naked Without Polish hosted a ginormous "I Survived 12/21/12" giveaway with 40 winners. It was that HUGE! I was lucky enough to win prize #34 from TrailerHood Chic.

The loot!
The polishes included in the prize are Merry Midnight by OPI, Servin' Up Sparkle by OPI, and an unnamed Sally Girl polish which I think might be In Love (correct me if I'm wrong). These are untried brands for me so I'm super excited. Yep, these are my very first OPI polishes! There's also a sparkly file and Wishful White lotion by Beyond Belief. It smells divine. I just put some on. It's awesome.

Look at those earrings! These are by Mont Bleu and I had actually eyed these a couple of months ago. You see, I hadn't worn earrings for about 10 years. In November, I let my fiance give me a pixie cut. Yes, I'm so fearless that I let my man go at my hair with scissors... BEFORE MAJOR HOLIDAYS! Because of that, I decided to start wearing earrings again since my ears were suddenly visible. I've been wearing a cheap pair I got at Walmart but now I'll be wearing these babies. Woo fate!

Also included was some Breast Cancer Awareness goodies. I lost my dear Aunt Faye to breast cancer in January so this was another little thing that just makes me think that Harri of TrailerHood Chic is my nail mail soulmate.

Thank you to Lacey, Becky and Harri for the wonderful giveaway! I can't wait to try the polishes out once I stop feeling icky.

P.S. I'm always updating my Giveaways page and Giveaways board on Pinterest so check them out for chances to win!