Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Flower Beauty: Good Bud-Dy

Has anyone else tried Flower Beauty nail polish? Flower is by Drew Barrymore and is found exclusively at Walmart... though, not at my Walmart. I had to go to the next nearest Walmart to find them. My Walmart really sucks. I picked up Good Bud-Dy, a teal polish, during my last trip out of town. Pictures show two coats of Good Bud-Dy with one coat of Out the Door top coat.

The formula was good. Self-leveled well. Dry time was fantastic. Not a whole lot to talk about other than it's good!

I'm hiding a bit of my finger since I had an accident opening a box of crackers! LOL, what? Leave it to me to injure myself opening a harmless box of food.

After you open the bottle, the sticker with the name of the polish comes off. Fortunately, there's a little sticker on the bottom that has the name of the polish. Unfortunately, it's very hard to read.

Warning: This color STAINED my nails.

I can't wait to see if they add more colors to the line.


  1. Ooooh I love anything by Drew Barrymore! I do not think our Walmart has it either. Watch out for those CRACKERS!!

  2. The Walmart out by Mom's carries them but the one on the hill doesn't. I had to go to Gallipolis to find them.